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CAP WEB is the Website for all the CAP Community members.

I Mayank Jain, Founder of CAP Pinterest and CAP Community, with my team are trying to Find out new talents.

Basically, what we do is to support talents and providing them a platform to showcase their work. 

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It all depends on you, whether to make your life boring, or make it happening.. 

My life is Happening and I am sure that it would be happening for ever. 
I will make it happenig forever.

Learning new things every day, Interacting with new people, helping them out, and observing has absolutely changed my life.

Any  person who comes  in my contact.. I will try my best to help them out in making their life happening and interesting.
"Pani mei utar k toh dekho pajji...bahut ghehra hai!!"

सपने देखो , वो पूरा होते हैं।

Looking for support ?? Dont worry i am there to help you.

Founder - Cap_Pinterest


Things will change...

Things were quite different when this page was started in Oct, 2016, but with consistency, dedication, a positive attitude and support from you guys, this page has come so far.

No one had thought during the initial stages of this page that it would come so far. Many doubted my decision. But I stuck to it.. because I believed in my idea . Don't let anybody's perception about your decision change your mindset. Take feedbacks but be selective. Take constructive feedbacks and distant yourself from negative feedbacks.
My name, though not known by many but my creation's name as Cap_Pinterest has given me a special Recognition.

Earlier, I was not aware of using social media this way. I was trying to make my carrier in commerce profession. But things changed. When I believed in myself, I found few people who believed in me among many who didn't. And to be honest it was enough for me. With their continuous support and help, now I have become an influencer. Sky's colour changes from blue to black, leaves colour changes from Green to Brown, but I will never let the colours in me change or fade.

Observation is the key to success. And smart work is important too. Don't go after your problems , go after the solutions to your problems.
From what I have observed from this cap community and you artists is that you need dreams to live . Just existing and blindly following others dreams and opinions will one day dull the light within you.
Dream about your success, dream about your passion , work towards it . Nobody's life is happening, we make our lives happening.


- October, 2016 was the year, when this page was created

- Initially for artist but after that doors were opened for all the talent holders

- Created a family on social media. Connecting artists with artist and other talents with new people.

- WhatsApp & Instagram groups plays an important role.

- Rapping, Singing, Art, Photography, Shayari and storytelling, done with that. Gained experience with the help of people. (P.S. albums were also released)

- 3 Live Events and 3 offline events, Magazine, Competitions in different form, Art Exhibition, these all make me confident and look forward to conduct more.

- Without a Family, nothing is possible, So Cap_Pinterest is always yours and I will always remain to be as a mediator.

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Success Story

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